Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Make A Flying Bird

Tim Bird

We have created few toy flying machines or toy planes. Rubber band power toy plane, paper air plane, radio controlled toy plane and CESSNA R/C toy planes are our previous projects. Today I am going to discuss with you how to make a toy bird and how can fly same as a bird. If you search something about the history of a air plane you can see that air plane researches are heavily influence by the research based on "how birds are flying". Initially people think how bird are flying?, Why some bird can not flying?, some bird are very small but they can fly quickly and some bird very large but they can fly long hours without any difficulties. These questions influence people on different flying machines. Nowadays we have thousands of different kinds of flying machines varying from air-balloons to space shuttles.

Tim Bird is very famous flying bird toy, many people around the world used to play with it. Specially Chinese people create very nice flying birds (according to my experience). In our air plane project how we powered our toy air plane is using propeller. We fix some mechanism to the propeller to rotate it with very high speed to move plane forward. Due to this forward movement, wings of air plane make air gap and it makes pressure difference from bottom to up of wings. That pressure push the air plane to sky. But bird are flying using little different methodology. Basic principles are almost same. But bird doesn't have propeller and it use its wings to fly. It shake its wings in way that it can create pressure different from bottom to top. When we create toy flying bird machine we also need to shake its wings up and down to generate required power to fly. There different mechanism that we can used to make that mechanism. Here I am using a rubber band to give power our bird.

Fig 1: Tim Bird Flying Machine

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric RTF RC Plane

Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric RTF RC Plane, w/ 2.4 Radio & Rx, BRAND NEW!!!
We have already discussed about major components of Radio controlled plane and have build Hanger 9 - Cessna 40 ARF plane. Today I am going to introduce another RC plance from Cessana series. Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric RTF RC Plane is also little similar to Hanger 9 Cessna 40 ARF.If you try my previous project you don't find much difficulties to try this project.

The New Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric Remote Controlled Airplane has several performance enhancements over the regular version. The Himag motor provides 40% more power than a standard speed 480. The Cessna Pro ships with a 2200 mah Lipoly 7.4 volt that provides over 20 minutes of run time!! A 2.4 GHZ DSM radio for glitch free flying with a range of up to 5500 feet. Now includes a new wing with 2 aileron servos (1 for each aileron) for more precise control and quicker response time.

This plane pack comes as RTF in that it comes with everything you need including complete plane parts, motors, glue, FMS flight simulator CD and cord to hook to the included 2.4 GHz transmitter that hooks to your pc via the microphone in jack and works on windows except vista of course. Four different instruction manuals are also include one for Plane, radio, charger and flight simulator, all very easy to follow. It also came with an extra propeller and linkage clevises.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hanger 9 - Cessna 40 ARF, Value Series

In previous section we discussed about major components of radio controlled airplane. In this article will look at further details about Hanger 9 - Cessna 40 ARF, Value Series radio controlled airplane and how each of these components are fixed and controlled. In previous article I mentioned that we need few components to make a airplane. First we need to have structure of the plane, wings and tail. Then we need to have a propeller for your airplane and engine/motor to give power to the propeller. Finally you need to have a mechanisum to control your airplane.

First I am going to discuss how to you can build structure of your airplane. Detail description of each component as follows:

Center Wing Tape

Center Wing Tape is used to fix wings with the body of airplane. You don't need to use this tape always, any light weight tape can be use for this.

Center Wing Tape: Cessna 40 ARF Value
Center Wing Tape: Cessna 40 ARF Value

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How To Make A Radio Controlled Toy Plane

We discussed about  How to make a paper airplane and Rubber band powerd toy plane projects that you can try on and get an idea about how to flying an airplane. But those projects are very simple and used only very basics of flying machines. You can go further and build advance flying machines or toy airplanes. From here onward I will discuss on those topics. As a begining we will look at how to make a radio controller toy plane. When you build your own plane it is very important to think about how you are going to control that plane while its moving. Not like automobiles; planes or flying machines should have better controlling when it take off, landing and flying. When any machine moving through or on air, its movement is totally depend on how the air behave and how it changes. So, to maintain stability of your airplane, you should control it properly. We can remotely control your airplane and radio frequency can be easily used to transfer your control signal from your remote controller to your airplane. Those planes we called as "Radio Controlled Air Planes". Super Sonic RC Model Airplane R/C SYMA 9399 Training Plane ARF Radio Control Aircraft, Cessna 40 ARF, Value Series and CMP Model 140 - 73 " ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled "Tiger Shark" Airplane RC Planeare few of the best radio controlled airplanes I met.

Befor move into our project, there are few things that you need familiar with. First you should have an airplane to fly, there should have some mechanisum to give power to your airplane, remote controller to control your airplane and how you give power to your remote controller. Figure 1 shows a remote controlled airplane, small airplane engine that you can use to give power to your airplane and if you want to give power using batteries you can use motors.
Cessna 40 ARF, Value SeriesOS MAX 40LA R/C Airplane EngineCombo 1 Pair 12x4.5 Counter Rotating Propellers, 2 CC 25A ESCs + 2 Himax 2812-0650 Brushless Motors
Figure 1: Remote controller airplane, small airplane engine and airplane properller set

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How To Make Paper Airplane

Paper airplane (Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes) are very quick method of making toy airplane for kids. There are different kind of paper airplanes design available for you to try and test. Most of the paper airplane designs are very simple and anyone can make them and have a fun. I am planing to discuss few those designs here and with the minimum effort you can try them. For these plane designs, please select very light weight papers so that your plane will fly very smoothly. Kids' Paper Airplane Book, The World Record Paper Airplane Book, Stationery Flight: Extraordinary Paper Airplanes, Alex Toys Fly'em High, Fly'em Fast Fold'n Fly Kit-Makes 18 Airplanes, Zoom! (reissue): The Complete Paper Airplane Kit (Trend Friends), Best Ever Paper Airplanes are good reference for more paper airplane designs.

You only need to have an A4 paper to make this paper airplane. Then you need to follow nine steps to make this plane. Please refer the figure.

Figure 1 How to make a paper plane

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rubber Band Powered Toy Plane

As a simple start let’s make a rubber band powered toy plane as our first project. This is a very simple design which will guide you basic concept of flying machines or airplane. Before move into implementation of toy plane let’s try to understand the concept behind the flying. People have used different mechanism to fly and those are having their own advantages and disadvantages. This article explains in details different mechanism used and how they look likes. As you might already know, flying mean float on the air while moving forward or backward. Basically flying machines not take backward movement whereas by turning it can change the direction easily. To float on the air it should have some force against the gravitational forces or simply weight of the airplane. How we generate this lifting force, if you can find a mechanism to generate this force you can float on the air.

Concept of Flying

Figure 1.1: Air flow pattern of airplane wing

Sunday, January 10, 2010

History of Flying Machine

Before go into more details on how to make a toy plane, it is important to have a look at on how the history of airplanes changed. Having understanding of the variation of the development of the airplane you can easily understand the flying concepts. It is not very accurate if I said that “Wright brothers” made first flying machine. Before that various individuals had tried to fly using various methods. The Kite, Hot Air Balloons, Dirigible Airship (Airships: Dirigibles and Blimps), Airplane and Biplane (1/48 Stearman PT17 Bi-plane, Mic-O-Mic Bi-Plane) were developed and tested as flying mechanisms.

The history of a Kite goes to around 500 BC and possible earlier. This mean to say that people have been flying kites for at least 2500 years. This first step was a great milestone in development of flying machines. Even though people have a doubt about the inventor of a kite, western tradition gives credit to a Greek scientist name “Archytas” of Tarentum as the inventor of the first kite.

Hello and Welcome to make a toy plane

It is indeed pleasure to see you on my blog posts with ambition to make your own toy plane. Is it really difficult to make your own plane? No. I don’t think so. If you know the theory behind how to fly, you will feel that flying is really easy. Yes it is not difficult but you need to have proper control of the mechanism. In this blog site I will explain you the secret behind the flying, how to make your own toy plane and facts that you need to consider when you go for advance flying machines.

Making your own toy plane is really fun and your kids might more happier to play with a toy plane that is handicraft by you. Most importantly once you try with your first toy plane, you can experiment and make different kind of toy planes and even you might be able to find good market for your toy plane.

Here are few toy planes available in the market and have a look at on them to get better idea about how toy plane is about. Then move into your own plane design with me.

Fisher Price - Little People Lil' Movers Airplane
Airbus Single Plane - A380
Playmobil Jet Plane
InAir WWII Planes 6-pc Set with Aircraft ID Guide - Assortment 1
Airtran Single Plane
Medium Air Force One 1 Hand Radio Control Plane

Different types of toy plane can be manufactured using different kind of materials. Here I am trying to explain how to make toy planes by using easily available materials. If you find it difficult to obtain these materials please visit Mattel Matchbox Pop Up Deluxe Airport Adventure Set, P-51 Mustang, Revell 1:48 B17G Flying Fortress, HQ Kites Airglider Series 40 "Red/Yellow" Kite.

Also you can find more details on how to make a toy airplane here The World's Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book.
Lets fly and fly until you fly !