Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hanger 9 - Cessna 40 ARF, Value Series

In previous section we discussed about major components of radio controlled airplane. In this article will look at further details about Hanger 9 - Cessna 40 ARF, Value Series radio controlled airplane and how each of these components are fixed and controlled. In previous article I mentioned that we need few components to make a airplane. First we need to have structure of the plane, wings and tail. Then we need to have a propeller for your airplane and engine/motor to give power to the propeller. Finally you need to have a mechanisum to control your airplane.

First I am going to discuss how to you can build structure of your airplane. Detail description of each component as follows:

Center Wing Tape

Center Wing Tape is used to fix wings with the body of airplane. You don't need to use this tape always, any light weight tape can be use for this.

Center Wing Tape: Cessna 40 ARF Value
Center Wing Tape: Cessna 40 ARF Value

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How To Make A Radio Controlled Toy Plane

We discussed about  How to make a paper airplane and Rubber band powerd toy plane projects that you can try on and get an idea about how to flying an airplane. But those projects are very simple and used only very basics of flying machines. You can go further and build advance flying machines or toy airplanes. From here onward I will discuss on those topics. As a begining we will look at how to make a radio controller toy plane. When you build your own plane it is very important to think about how you are going to control that plane while its moving. Not like automobiles; planes or flying machines should have better controlling when it take off, landing and flying. When any machine moving through or on air, its movement is totally depend on how the air behave and how it changes. So, to maintain stability of your airplane, you should control it properly. We can remotely control your airplane and radio frequency can be easily used to transfer your control signal from your remote controller to your airplane. Those planes we called as "Radio Controlled Air Planes". Super Sonic RC Model Airplane R/C SYMA 9399 Training Plane ARF Radio Control Aircraft, Cessna 40 ARF, Value Series and CMP Model 140 - 73 " ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled "Tiger Shark" Airplane RC Planeare few of the best radio controlled airplanes I met.

Befor move into our project, there are few things that you need familiar with. First you should have an airplane to fly, there should have some mechanisum to give power to your airplane, remote controller to control your airplane and how you give power to your remote controller. Figure 1 shows a remote controlled airplane, small airplane engine that you can use to give power to your airplane and if you want to give power using batteries you can use motors.
Cessna 40 ARF, Value SeriesOS MAX 40LA R/C Airplane EngineCombo 1 Pair 12x4.5 Counter Rotating Propellers, 2 CC 25A ESCs + 2 Himax 2812-0650 Brushless Motors
Figure 1: Remote controller airplane, small airplane engine and airplane properller set