Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Make A Flying Bird

Tim Bird

We have created few toy flying machines or toy planes. Rubber band power toy plane, paper air plane, radio controlled toy plane and CESSNA R/C toy planes are our previous projects. Today I am going to discuss with you how to make a toy bird and how can fly same as a bird. If you search something about the history of a air plane you can see that air plane researches are heavily influence by the research based on "how birds are flying". Initially people think how bird are flying?, Why some bird can not flying?, some bird are very small but they can fly quickly and some bird very large but they can fly long hours without any difficulties. These questions influence people on different flying machines. Nowadays we have thousands of different kinds of flying machines varying from air-balloons to space shuttles.

Tim Bird is very famous flying bird toy, many people around the world used to play with it. Specially Chinese people create very nice flying birds (according to my experience). In our air plane project how we powered our toy air plane is using propeller. We fix some mechanism to the propeller to rotate it with very high speed to move plane forward. Due to this forward movement, wings of air plane make air gap and it makes pressure difference from bottom to up of wings. That pressure push the air plane to sky. But bird are flying using little different methodology. Basic principles are almost same. But bird doesn't have propeller and it use its wings to fly. It shake its wings in way that it can create pressure different from bottom to top. When we create toy flying bird machine we also need to shake its wings up and down to generate required power to fly. There different mechanism that we can used to make that mechanism. Here I am using a rubber band to give power our bird.

Fig 1: Tim Bird Flying Machine

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric RTF RC Plane

Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric RTF RC Plane, w/ 2.4 Radio & Rx, BRAND NEW!!!
We have already discussed about major components of Radio controlled plane and have build Hanger 9 - Cessna 40 ARF plane. Today I am going to introduce another RC plance from Cessana series. Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric RTF RC Plane is also little similar to Hanger 9 Cessna 40 ARF.If you try my previous project you don't find much difficulties to try this project.

The New Cessna 182 Pro Deluxe Electric Remote Controlled Airplane has several performance enhancements over the regular version. The Himag motor provides 40% more power than a standard speed 480. The Cessna Pro ships with a 2200 mah Lipoly 7.4 volt that provides over 20 minutes of run time!! A 2.4 GHZ DSM radio for glitch free flying with a range of up to 5500 feet. Now includes a new wing with 2 aileron servos (1 for each aileron) for more precise control and quicker response time.

This plane pack comes as RTF in that it comes with everything you need including complete plane parts, motors, glue, FMS flight simulator CD and cord to hook to the included 2.4 GHz transmitter that hooks to your pc via the microphone in jack and works on windows except vista of course. Four different instruction manuals are also include one for Plane, radio, charger and flight simulator, all very easy to follow. It also came with an extra propeller and linkage clevises.