Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How To Make A Balloon Plane

Friends! How is the thing happening? Did you try the toy planes we make here? Today I am going to show another simple toy plane design that you can make very easily but have a great fun. Today we make Balloon Plane. You may wonder what this balloon plane is. This is again a simple plane uses the rubber balloon to generate throttle power. You know that once you fill the rubber balloon with air, inside the balloon air in under pressure. Once you release this air you can generate pressurized air flow from balloon’s mouth. This air flow can be used to push your plane forward very easily. Now you can imagine what I am going to make here. Even though this is a simple plane design if you control the air flow correctly you will be able to fly your plane considerable long air time. It all depends on the balloon size, straw size and length. You need to fine tune these parameters to get optimum flying time. That means if balloon is large we can expect long flying time. If straw size is small again we can expect long flying time, but if it too small forward thrust might not enough and falling down your plane. That is why you need to adjust the balloon size and straw size to make a nice plane.

Now you know the concept, let’s make it real flying machine. You need followings to make this plane.

1. Large enough rubber balloon

2. Small straw 10 cm length

3. Regiform or cardboard sheets

4. Bottle of paper glue

5. Masking tapes

First you need to get the rubber balloon and the straw, and then insert the straw through balloon’s mouth and fix it with the masking tapes. You should fix strong enough not to leak air from balloon mouth (refer the picture). As shown in the picture you need to cut wings and tail of your plane from the regiform or cardboard sheets. Make sure that these sheets are very light weight and little strong. Once you cut the plane wings and tail from the sheets you need to fix them to the straw using paper glue. Now everything is done. It is time to first take-off your balloon plane.

Fill the balloon with air from blowing the open end of the straw. Then keep close the straw’s open end and hold the plane steady. Now you are ready to launch your plane. Go to your playground and release your plane. Wow…. Your plane is flying. Again fill the balloon and release the plane to fly again. So you can try this plane as many times as you wish.

You need to make sure that the straw size and wings size should select base on the balloon size. If you use large balloon and small straw and wings, it might not fly long time very nicely. You need to control the flying speed by selecting correct sizes of the plane respect to the balloon.


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