Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RC Airplane Safety

Colored Propeller
In my previous project we made some small toy flying machines. Now is time to move little bit advance topics. I guess everyone here like to fly their own toy airplane with the remote so that we can control it as we like. There are few methods that we can used to build such toys and control them. Here I like to introduce some RC-Radio Controlled Airplanes as beginning. When it comes to RC Airplanes they are using little advance techniques, so that would like to emphasis more on the safety of you while you are making and test your toy plane. First thing that we need to take into consideration is Propeller Safety. Propeller of your airplane might harm you if you touch or accidentally touch it while it is moving. So that there are small safety rules that you can follow to prevent them and reduce accident while making these machine. How to color your propeller, ground safety ...etc discussed here. Please careful on these safety hints.

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