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SYMA S107G RC Mini Gyro Helicopter

syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Red

How is the progress? Did you try to make these flying machines? Today is another big day and we are going to have look about another great RC helicopter. SYMA S107G RC Mini Gyro Helicopter is commercially available complete helicopter model. But I guess you would like to assemble your own Gyro Helicopter, so that rather simply buy and fly your helicopter will make our own one, that will give more fun. Here I will discuss about the major components about this Gyro helicopter and how to assemble them to make your helicopter.

You can buy this helicopter from here Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Red.

Also you can buy individual parts and make your own helicopter. For this you don't need to make same helicopter you can come up with your own ideas as well. Why I am following this method is later you will understand that I will teach you how to make your own RC airplane. For that this knowledge is really important. Making RC from the scratch not a easy task, but that is again not a complex task if you have proper understanding. The objective of these tutorials to give you practical experience towards to make your own RC airplane.

Specification of SYMA S107G RC Mini Gyro Helicopter

Length:: 5 inches

Width:: 2 inches
Height:: 3 inches
Frequency:: Triband (A,B,C)
Power System:: Lipo Battery
Radio System:: 3 Channel Radio Controller
Charge Time:: 15-20 minutes
Run Time:: Approx 10-15 minutes
Max Distance:: 20 - 40 ft


S107 Helicopter
3 Channel Radio Controller
USB Charger
Extra Tail Blade
6 AA Batteries
In SYMA S107G RC Mini Gyro Helicopter, first we will identify what the major components of this helicopter. In helicopter Engine or Motor, Propeller, tail and tail propeller parts can be considered as major component of the helicopter. In this helicopter is also you have these components.

SYMA RC Helicopter S107-17 Motor

SYMA RC Helicopter S107-17 Motor B Factory Original Replacement Spare Part

S107-17 is the main motor used in this helicopter. These motors are low voltage very high speed DC motors. Most of the time these kind of machines use Brussless DC motors, there are many advantages than normal DC motor with Brussless DC motors.

SYMA RC Helicopter 2107-18 Circuit Board

SYMA RC Helicopter S107-18 Circuit Board

S107-18 Circuit Board is the brain of this helicopter. All main controlling functions carried out by this board based on the signals come from the remote controller unit. Connect other components such as motor, battery pack...etc is very easy with this board.

Main Blades Set

SYMA Replacement Set of Main Rotor Blades for S107 Red Part S107-02

There are four blades for this Gyro helicopter and all in same size. To reduce the size of propeller and reduce the torque for the motor they are using four small blades. You need to fix these blades with a main shaft and inner shaft to make the propeller for your helicopter.

Warning: As printed on each blade never touch these blades while they are moving, that will harm to you.

 3.7 Li-po 180 mah Battery for SYMA S107

3.7V Li-po Battery for SYMA S107 Original Factory Replacement Part S107G-19

This battery pack uses as main power source for the helicopter. This pack is rechargeable and you can buy compatible charger as well.


Syma S107g-13 Helicopter Replacement Part - Main Shaft
Inner Shaft

The inner shaft is used to fix four blades of the propeller and other end fix with the gear system of the helicopter.

Syma S107g-15 Helicopter Replacement Part - Main Shaft Pipe
Main Shaft

Main shaft and inner shafts are used to fix four blades and make propeller for the helicopter. Different between airplane propeller and helicopter propeller is; helicopter propeller can change while it is moving. Angle of each blade can be change to control the helicopter. To make this mechanism we use two shafts and small lever system.

Syma S107 Metal Gyro RC Helicopter Balance Bar
Balance Shaft

Set of Four Replacement Tail Props (Qty 4) for Syma S107 (S105) Mini Indoor Co-Axial Metal Body Frame & Built-in Gyroscope RC Remote Controlled Helicopter
Tail Props

New Syma S107-01 Helicopter Canopy (Red)

Other components list:

Syma S107g-10 Helicopter Replacement Part - Tail Support Pipe
New Syma S107-01 Helicopter Canopy (Red)

These are the major components that you want to have make your Gyro helicopter. Other components you can select as you like, that will not directly impact on the performance of the helicopter.

This machine is little advance helicopter use and test it with proper safety measures.


  1. I've tried assembling a helicopter once but I failed since I lack 2-3 materials needed and it's not available in our place.

    -jet hire


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