Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rubber Band Powered Rocket

Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines (Klutz S.)Today I am going to introduce another simple but, very interesting toy. You might remember that we make a Paper Airplane few months ago. Today I am going to fly that paper airplane using a rubber band. If you did not make my previous paper airplane you can try it from here. You have to have that paper airplane to make this rubber band powered rocket.

Fig 1: How to make a paper airplane

As you can see in above picture, you need to make your paper airplane. Details instruction given in previous post. Then you need to have a little long rubber band.

Fig 2: Make a small cut under the paper airplane

Now make a small cut under the paper airplane, please refer Fig 2. Now we are done. Next thing is how you fly your rocket. Take your rubber band using your one hand hold a rubber one side and other side of rubber band put into the small cut your make under your paper airplane. Now stretch little bit and release your paper rocket. You should be able to see your rocket move very fast and then gradually land on the floor. Very simple but really interesting. Try your own things, try different models and have a fun. If you like to like to share your experience or if you have any questions you may post under the comment section.

Lear more about the paper airplane models:

Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines (Klutz S.)
Tim Bird

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