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How To Make Paper Airplane

Paper airplane (Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes) are very quick method of making toy airplane for kids. There are different kind of paper airplanes design available for you to try and test. Most of the paper airplane designs are very simple and anyone can make them and have a fun. I am planing to discuss few those designs here and with the minimum effort you can try them. For these plane designs, please select very light weight papers so that your plane will fly very smoothly. Kids' Paper Airplane Book, The World Record Paper Airplane Book, Stationery Flight: Extraordinary Paper Airplanes, Alex Toys Fly'em High, Fly'em Fast Fold'n Fly Kit-Makes 18 Airplanes, Zoom! (reissue): The Complete Paper Airplane Kit (Trend Friends), Best Ever Paper Airplanes are good reference for more paper airplane designs.

You only need to have an A4 paper to make this paper airplane. Then you need to follow nine steps to make this plane. Please refer the figure.

how to make a paper plane
Figure 1 How to make a paper plane


  1. Take A4 paper

  2. Mark the middle line of the A4 paper and bend from that line

  3. Bend upper right hand coner of the paper to middle line

  4. Bend upper left hand coner of the paper to middle line same as previous

  5. Middle edge of right hand side bend to again middle line

  6. Middle edge of left hand side bend to again middle line as step 5

  7. Now bend your plane from middle line and left and right wings should be equal size

  8. Mark the middle line on right wing and bend right wing from middle line to outward

  9. Makr the middle line on left wing and bend left wing from middle line to outward
 Now your paper plane is ready. Fire your paper plane and see how it flying. Try different shapes of the same design by bend the paper from different places. You and your kid might feel more happy with this exercise.
More paper plane designs

The World's Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book
The World Record Paper Airplane Book
Pilots and Paper Planes
The Biggest Ever Book of Paper Planes

Readily available paper plane kit

Paper Planes Kit (Paper Kits)
Electric Paper Plane Launcher Kit
Paper Planes Origami Kit
Whitewings Sport Planes: 15 Excellent Paper Airplanes (Light Plane Series, Assembly Kit, Volume 8)


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